2014+ ENSA Strasbourg - Associate lecturer (TPCAU/VT)
Attached to the laboratory AMUP (Architecture, Morphology / Urban Morphogenesis and Project, EA 7309)
2020/21 Equal oopportunities in architecture schools training (distance learning)
Preparatory course for aarchitectural studies for 20 high school students from modest backgrounds.
2018/19 + 19/20 3rd Year : Workshop 'Designig the urban space' (VT, in french, german)
New teaching including the project workshop, a course titled "tools" and a study trip in a european city.
30 students supervised in pairs.
*2019/20 Project workshop + Study trip to Copenhagen.
*2018/19 Project workshop + Study trip to Munich.
2015/16 - 2017/18 2nd year Masters: International urban project workshop (TPCAU, in English)
*Reference: M Volker ZIEGLER, teacher -researcher MA (volker.ziegler@strasbourg.archi.fr)
*2017/18 Workshop on the transformation of fast lanes in Strasbourg, France and Shanghai, China.
30 students supervised in pairs + study trip to Barcelona, Spain.
> Deepening of the university collaboration with USTO of Oran, Algeria.
*2016/2017 Workshop on the refurbishment of the historic centre of Oran, Algeria.
30 students supervised in pairs + study trip to Oran, Algeria.
> Initiation d’une collaboration universitaire avec l’USTO d’Oran
*2015/2016 Workshop on the transformation of an industrial site in Saint-Petersbourg, Russia.
30 students supervised in pairs + study trip to Saint-Petersbourg
> Initiation of a trinational university collaboration with KIT Karlsruhe and ITMO Saint-Petersbourg
Publication in a russian magazine “Project Baïkal"; exhibition and round tables in Saint-Petersbourg
2015/16 - 2017/18 3rd year of Bachelor: Intensive project workshop week.
20 students supervised in pairs with a teacher STA
2013/14 + 2014/15 2nd year of Bachelor: Project workshop 'Habitat' (TPCAU, in French)
30 students supervised in pairs
*Reference: M Dominik NEIDLINGER, teacher (dominik.neidlinger@strasbourg.archi.fr)
*2014/15 Project workshop + Study trip to Milan.
*2013/14 Project workshop + Study trip to Ljubljana and project exhibition in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
ENSAS others : Double Masters franco-german (with TU Dresde, KIT); Double Master franco-chinese (with Tongji); Intensive project workshop week; reports of : studies, Erasmus, admission interviews and jury HMNOP
2018/19 20/21+ ENSA Paris Val-de-Seine - Speaker in HMNOP training.
Optional seminar: « European practices and cultures »

Other teaching experiences
2017 - 2018 International workshop of interior design "Adaptive reuse", Ivry-sur-Seine.
A two weeks workshop with students of the FIT New York, USA, and the RMIT Melbourne, Australia (In english);
* Reférence: M Eric K. DANIELS, teacher FIT (eric_daniels@fitnyc.edu)
*2020 et 2021 Ivry-Confluence in Ivry-sur-Seine (cancelled due to Covid-19)
*2018 Reviving of the Jeanne Hachette centre in Ivry-sur-Seine
*2017 Transformation of an industrial building in Ivry-sur-Seine
2014 Intensive vocational training in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Intensive professional training course for executives of the municipalities of Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain: supervision of 20 participants for 2x3 days
2009 ENSAP of Lille - temporary teacher
Teaching in contining education "Architecture, territory and sustainable development"
2007 - 2009 ENSA Paris-la-Villette - temporary teacher
2nd year of Masters : Porject workshop (final year), seminary and supervision of the dissertations of the AAED pole.
2nd year of Bachelor: Supervision of the shared tutorials and ambiance tutorials.
ENSAPLV others : Director of studies HMONP, jury of HMNOP, collaboration with the Technical University of Darmstadt.


Research programs
2012-2015 Conferences and urban workshops on the urban integration of interchange hubs in russian cities - Russia
Speaker in the symposium and participation in the jury of the workshop.
Conference and workshop on the Passazhirsky station in Kaliningrad (2015); on the Shushary district in Saint-Petersbourg (2014); on the Ladozhsky station in Saint-Petersbourg (2013) on the Baltique station in Saint-Petersbourg (2012)

2011-2013 European project New Medina "De la ville pilote à la ville durable: réinventer les villes nouvelles" (From pilot cities to sustainable cities: reinventing new cities)
Participation as a speaker and an expert
Panel of experts on the new cities of Chrafate, Morocco (2013); New Fayoum, Egypt (2012); Sidi Abdellah, Algeria (2011)
Publication in “New Medinas : vers des villes nouvelles durables ?” (ISBN: 978-83-63368-58-6)
2014 Mentor & Student Research Lab, Isocarp + University of Gdansk - Poland.
Participation as a mentor for six PhD students.
Research on active mobility in europpean cities and application on the Tri-City Gdansk.