Bistro de l‘Arche – La Défense (FR)

The terrace of the Bistro de l’Arche is located at the bottom of the Grande Arche, overlooking the esplanade of la Défense, the international business district in the west of Paris. The esplanade is a large public space framed by exceptional buildings and limited to the west by la Grande Arche, which is located on the historical axis of Paris. To fit into this unique urban context, we designed a transparent and removable shell, seemingly simple and adaptable to weather conditions. A sliding facade and a flat and openable covering with sun protections allow the maintenance of an optimal thermal and visual comfort during the seasons. A thin protective covering during the winter and a maximum aperture throughout the summer. The opening mechanism is built into the supporting structure and invisible to customers and visitors. The steel frame and the glass envelope are designed with an innovative process.

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Covering of a terrace – La Défense 2009/11

RETHINK, leading architects, with Lionel Pénisson, architect, RFR, engineers
Collaborators : Santi Sombatwichatorn, Marco Santini
Direct order
Surface : 120 m²
Building costs BT : 850 kEuros
Const. time : 2 months
Completion : 2011
Client : EURL Bistro de l’Arche
38 le parvis de la Défense, F-92800 Puteaux
Location: 38, le parvis de la Défense, F-92800 Puteaux
Programme: Terrace canopy
Mission: Design, tender, construction supervision
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