Three urban walks – Madrid (ES)

The Town of Madrid would like to redesign their public spaces. The competition was to develop three different urban paths through which the inhabitants and visitors would discover the urban space of Madrid. The cultural path is mainly characterized through the historical town structure and its cultural buildings. The existing network of streets and places appears like entrenched into the build environment and create a continuous space, witnessing the history of the city.

The sporting path reinforces and connects the existing sports facilities to create modern sport centres and intermediate sport installations: like skate parks, climbing walls, tai-chi garden … The slow route passes by a great number of local public places. Their redesign for the children, elder people and tourists offers the possibility to relax safely under pleasant conditions, to reorient themselves and to discuss while discovering the town.

Design of three urban paths – Madrid 2006

International competition
Urbain project
Surface:Town centre
Planning fees : –
Planning time :-
Completion: 2006
Client: Town of Madrid, Spain
Location: ES – Madrid
Programme: design of three urban paths
Mission: competition
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