Porto-Novo Capital – Benin (BJ)

Nokoué Area

In the near future, the agglomeration of Nokoué, composed of the cities of Porto Novo, Cotonou, Seme Kpodji, Abomey-Calavi and Ouidah, representing between 2 and 3 million inhabitants, will play a vital role across the Gulf of Guinea. The repartition of the roles between the cities of the agglomeration should be based on complementarities and not on competition. For the capital of Porto-Novo, it is necessary to improve the connection to the national transport network, to diversify the offer of urban transport and to support the economic development. The urban expansion must be reduced in the north by creating a green belt and concentrated in the southern part of the town. The centre of the city must be revaluated though the thoughtful use of the land resources, the design the waterfront and the densification in the former colonial part around the existing buildings.

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International Workshop of Planning and Urban Design – Porto-Novo 2005

RETHINK with C. Rouy, C. Malfitano, JA. Doumenc, JC. Zimé, B. Kakpo, M. Gaillard, T. Pagonis
Surface: Agglomeration
Planning fees BT: –
Planning time: –
Completion: 2005
Client: City of Porto-Novo, Benin
Project: Porto-Novo, Benin
Programme: Urban development
Mission: Participant expert
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