Real estate valuation APIJ – Liancourt (FR)

Real estate valuation

Located less than an hour from Paris by train, the manor of Liancourt stretches on steep woodland of thirty acres, includes a castle built in 1865 overlooking a park and a forest. Transformed into a sanatorium prison in 1947, the area is now largely abandoned. In fact, among the buildings, only the detention centre in the south-east of the area is still occupied.

The restructuring of the ancient manor of Liancourt is the subject of a study to evaluate the real estate property for the ministry of justice, including the woodland of twenty acres, the castle and the other buildings built in the course of time.

Valorisation of an old penitentiary site – Liancourt 2008

Urban planners with MTA, landscape architects
Call for tender
Surface: 30 ha
Planning fees BT: 35 k€
Planning time: 4 months
Completion: 2009
Client: APIJ
30 rue Chât. des Rentiers, F-75013 Paris
Location : Former prison site, F-60140 Liancourt
Programme: Real estate valuation
Mission: Feasibility study
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