Metropolitan development and regional solidarity – Vitoria (BR)

The city of Vitoria (318000 hab.) is located in a harbour and logistic conglomeration which is the entrance and exit for goods from the state of Espirito Santo. The metropolitan region (1625000 hab.) consists of 7 municipalities with economic, social and urban inequalities. Vitória, the capital of the state, concentrates with its harbour activities and its business centre, the economic and administrative power of the region and the state. The neighbouring municipalities endured the economic development of Vitória as a passage way, as a storage area for goods and residential zone for the populations working in Vitória.To reorient the current and future developments it is necessary to rethink the territorial solidarity of this metropolitan region by rebalancing the creation of wealth and the living spaces. The area of study is situated on both sides of the two bridges of the bay of Vitória, in the junction of the municipalities of Vitória, Cariacica and Vila Velha with a special attention to the zone of Portal Sud, the historic centre of the city of Vitória.

Development of a metropolitan area – Vitoria 2009

Rethink and Scientific supervision with Claudio Zanotelli, geographer
Urban study
Surface: Agglomération
Planning fees BT :10KEuros
Planning time : –
Completion :2009
Client: City of Vitoria, Brazil
Lieu: Metropolitan area of Vitoria
Programme: Territorial solidarity
Mission: Organisation + scientific leading
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