German Embassy – Paris (FR)

The diplomatic world

This project of the renovation of two buildings for the Federal Republic of Germany is located in the 16 district of Paris. The operation includes the cleaning of the facade facing the street 24/26 rue Marbeau as well as the facade facing the court yard 24 rue Marbeau and the renovating the zinc roof of building No 26. These buildings have a high representative value and therefore require a thorough facelift. In the interior, the treatment of the walls due to water infiltration from the exterior, painting of the reception area, as well as the private quarters, the construction of a bathroom, modernization of the kitchen and various adjustments, were undertaken.

Renovation and restoration of two buildings – Paris

RETHINK, leading architects, with Bettina Mau (architect)
Call for tender: Design+Construction
Surface: 600 m²
Building costs BT: 400 kEuros
Construction time: 6 months
Completion: 2006
Client: German Embassy
Location: 24, 26 rue Marbeau F-75016 Paris
Programme: Renovation of a town house
Mission: Design, tender, construction supervision
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