Conferences / Seminars

Theme: Mobility and urban space
2015 University of Hamburg-Harburg: Lecture in the course “Urban Transport Weeks, Metropolitan Accessibility”
Presentation on Urban Mobility and Urban Space: Visions of a New Paradigm.
2015 Higher School of Economics (HSE), Saint-Petersbourg: Seminar “City, Space and International Development” – Russia
Presentation on Urban Mobility and Urban Space : Visions of a New Paradigm.

Theme: Transformation of brownfield sites

2013 XII All-Russian Forum, Saint Petersbourg – Russia
Participation and presentation on the transformation and  densification of former industrial zones.
2013 Hannover Messe, Hannover – Germany
Participation and presentation at the round table of the City of Moscow on brownfield sites.
2012 13th Winter University of Urban Planning Design, Irkoutsk – Russia
Member of the jury and lecturer in the urban workshop on “suburbanization” in Irkoutsk
2009 University of Dortmund: Participation in the international seminar on the future of the IBAs in Europe -Germany.
Seminar on the Future of the International Exhibitions of Architecture and Urban Planning (IBA)

Theme: Le Grand Paris
2015 Vereinigung für Stadt-, Regional- und Landesplanung (SRL), Karlsruhe: Conference on the Paris Metropolis – Germany.
2014 Regionalverband Ruhr, Essen: Conference on the Paris Metropolis – Germany.
2012 Technical Univeristy of Dortmund, Department of Urban Planning and Urban Development – Germany.
Conferenceon the Metropolitan Development of Paris after “Les Grands Projets“

Theme: Urban Development in developping or emerging countries
2012 PLIQ Spatial Planning for Iraq, Training program for young Iraki urban planners, Duhok – Iraq
Participation and presentation at a German-Iraqi conference.
2010 ACC Galerie, Weimar: Intervention in the «RAND-gespräche» cycle on architecture at Weimar – Germany
Conference on the “workshops” method with examples from Vitoria, Porto-Novo et Accra
2010 Goethe Institut, Accra: Participation in the franco-german seminar on “Public Urabn Space” – Ghana
Seminar on “Urban Public Space” organized by the Goethe Institute and the French Alliance in Accra.
2010 World Urban Forum, Rio de Janeiro: Bridging the urban divide – Brazil
Networking Event on the urban planning workshops in Vitoria (Brazil) and Porto-Novo (Benin)

2010 Paris Urban Planning Institute: Lecture in the Master «Urban Planning and Development»
Conference on the metropolitan region of Greater Vitoria (Brazil)
2010 Blois Landscape School: Lecture in the Master «Nature and Landscape» – France
Conference on the metropolitan region of Greater Vitoria (Brazil)
2007 University of Nantes and La Rochelle: Participation in the symposium “The City and The World from the 15th to the 21st centuries“ – France
2006 Technical University of Berlin: Lecture in the Urban Management Master Course – Germany
Conference on the urban development and refurbishment of thehistorical centre of Porto-Novo (Benin)
2006 Technical University of Cottbus: Lecture in the World Heritage Studies Master Course – Germany
Conference on the urban development and refurbishment of the the historical centre of Porto-Novo (Benin)

2011 Europan 11: Participation in the orientation committee, French section – France
Evaluation of the sites presented by the local authorities (urban ecology and eco-responsible lifestyles)

Jurys / commissions

Participation in juries and commissions
2006+ Participation in competition juries: Centre Hospitalier Sud Francilien (2019), IDF Habitat (2018), Trophies Bois Île-de-France (2018), City of Suresnes (2017), City of St. Ouen (2016), City of  Villiers-sur-Orge (2011), City of  Paris (2007), City of Pavillon-sous-Bois (2007), City of St-Quentin-en-Yvelines (2006) – France
2015-2018 Prefecture of Île-de-France: Member of the depertmental commission for commercial development (CDAC); Space Planning College – France
2009-2011 MEEDDAT: Expertise Mission for the EcoQuartiers competition 2009 and 2011 – France