The city block Les Fusains – Aubervilliers (FR)

A new urban city block

The city block of the Fusains is situated in the centre of Aubervilliers, a sector undergoing an urban transformation. The block is characterized by the construction of a large housing complex in the 1970s. The entire block is now enclosure, but with multiple breaches, and its outdoor spaces are mainly dedicated to parking. Therefore the block is poorly connected to its urban environment and offers few quality spaces.

But it is located in the alignment of a future green link to be developed, at the crossing with the green link of the rue Henri Barbusse. And our proposal for a new crossing street creates a street grid favourable to the  urban mixing and non-motorized mobility. The project then allows the deconstruction and reconstruction of collective housing to reduce the footprint of buildings. With a new distribution of land, it allows to offer to the city new public spaces of 7000m².

The city block Les Fusains – Aubervilliers

RETHINK (leading architect) with Philippe Buisson, landscape architect
Surface: 3 ha
Planning fees BT: 30 kEuros
Planning time: 12 month
Completion: 2019
Client: RIVP 8 Bd Berthier, F-75017 Paris
Location: Les Fusains, F-93300 Aubervilliers
Programme: Restructuration of a city block
Mission: Feasibility study
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