Heart of the city – Courbevoie (FR)

Development of the city-centre
The city of Courbevoie has grown rapidly in recent decades both in terms of population as activities and employment (21% increase from 1999 to 2006 for both). With this demographic development the urban form has also changed. In the 70s, the construction of the Centre Charras partially erased the traces of ancient historical centre. Today there are only few pre-war buildings. The adoption of new architectural and urban concepts together with growing land values led to the construction of new urban forms (offices, housing) that replaced the older buildings. The centre has nevertheless managed to preserve an identity and a commercial dynamism. This centrality as administrative, commercial and sports centre is still a place for local animation. But its sustainability requires a renewal of the offer of services and commerce and the rehabilitation of public spaces.

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Heart of the city – Courbevoie 2012

RETHINK, leading architectes, with MTA, landscape architects, AID Observatoire, commerce, SNC Lavalin, engineering
Collaborators: Shih-Hao Tseng, Rafael Bordachar
Call for tender
Surface: 18 ha
Planning fees BT : 60 kE
Planning time: 8 months
Completion: for 2012
Client: Municipality of Courbevoie
Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, F-92401 Courbevoie
Location: Centre Charras, F-92401 Courbevoie
Programme: Development of the city-centre
Mission: Restructuring of the city-centre
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