The waters of the Mekong – An Giang (VN)

In the early 21th century, the Mekong Delta stands between two major dynamics: The population growth and the urbanization, while the global warming threatens to reduce the surfaces for farming and living. This territory will be among the first to suffer the environmental consequences. It could therefore also decide to be one of the first to act to reduce the impact and develop a sustainable interaction between people and landscape of the Delta.
The project aims to maintain a self-sufficiency of the population by an organized dispersion. The public institutions, economy and education will be shifted closer to the inhabitants in contrast to the tendency of bringing the inhabitants to the centre: the reduction of rural exodus through creating infrastructure of rural areas, and the structuring of space with the characteristics of the landscape. The aim is to develop an architecture and contemporary urban form adapted to life on land and water.

Studies on the urbanization of the province – An Giang 2007

Team with N. Thanh Que, T. Anh Thu, V. N. Nam, C. Lamarque, C. Laurens, S. Salat, K. Shannon, architects and urban planners
Surface: Province
Planning fees BT: –
Planning time: –
Completion: 2007
Client: Province An Giang, Vietnam
Location: Province An Giang, Vietnam
Programme: Regional development
Mission: Participant expert
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