Flats 23 rue d’Alleray – Paris (FR)

The project concern the thermal rehabilitation of a housing building located in the 15th arrondissement. of Paris. It is surrounded by a dense Parisian urban fabric with buildings from different eras. The 23 rue d’Alleray was built on a former narrow and linear parcel. The adjacent hamlet of Alleray and the impasse Hersent represents the old parcel structure of town houses, accessible by dead ends.
We wish to give a “villa” spirit to the rehabilitation of number 23. This is based on the desire to restore a more harmonious dialogue with the hamlet of Alleray located opposite.

Labels, certifications:
Climate Plan of the City of Paris
NF HABITAT certification
Label High Energy Performance renovation

Rehabilitation of 38 flats – Paris 2018

RETHINK with A. Andréassian (architect, representative), Technibat (engineers)
Call for tender
on going / phase PRO
Surface: 38 flats
Building costs BT : 1 300 k€
Construction: (18 month)
Completion: (2021)
Client: Toit et Joie
82 rue Blomet, F-75015 Paris
Location: 23 Rue d’Alleray, 75015 Paris
Program: Rehabilitation of a public housing estate
Mission: Conception, planning, construction
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