Into the starry night, Manege-Saint Petersburg

The Christmas period is a time for stopping, sharing and renewal. We imagined the Christmas tree an installation luminous, unifying, open to the world and participatory. A symbol for the coming year. The installation that we propose on the forecourt creates a space of wandering and exchange made of light, a forest under a starry night sky. A dreamlike forest settles in the heart of Saint Petersburg, above a starry mist floats and envelops the square. The lights are stars that guide us through the night and we are reminds us of Christmas tales.

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The Baltic Pearl, St Petersburg – Russia

Temporary installation for winter holidays

RETHINK with Praxys (landscape architects)
Surface: 200m²
Building costs BT: 50 k€
Construction : (1 month)
Completion : 2020 (Competition)
Client: Institut  Français
12 Avenue perspective Nevsky, Saint Petersburg
Location: St Isaac’s Square, 1, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Program: Temporary installation for winter holidays
Mission: Feasibility study