City centre – Bad Kötzting (DE)

Three connections, three parks

The project builds on and links to various polarities, which make Bad Kötzting long term.

Landscaping forms the superposition of three spaces: the river along the white rain, the park south of the town centre and the city of gardens as transitions between park and city.

Three transitions to link previously separate areas: the pedestrian bridge as an important linear element, the passage as a generous connection, and the road bridge as an extension of the spa park.

Complementary programs compact the building accompanied by urban gardens: a youth hostel near the bridge along the railway station, the station building as part of the passage at the southern entrance and the recreational facility at the new bridge opposite the fortified church.

Connecting city centre and spa gardens – Bad Kötzting 2010

RETHINK (leading architect) with MTA, landscape architects
Urban study
Surface: 21ha
Planning fees BT: –
Planning time: 1 month
Completion: 2010
Client: City of Bad Kötzting
Herrenstrasse 5, D-93444 Bad Kötzting
Location: Bad Kötzting
Programme: Connecting city centre and spa garden
Mission: Densification and urban links
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