Les Fauvettes House – Paris (FR)

The site is located south of the train station of Villennes sur Seine and develops itself in an east-west direction between the rue des Iselles and the railroad which follows the river Seine. The clients wanted to increase the surface of the house while preserving its form and the facade towards the street. The slope of the site makes it possible to extend the basement on garden side and open it with a continuous glass façade towards the vegetation. This new volume shelters a guest room, an office and a fitness room. A renovation of the façade will unify the different volumes of the house and will allow recovering its original appearance in two colours.

Restructuring and extension of a house – Paris 2005

RETHINK (leading architect)
Direct order
Surface: 300 m²+60 m² (extension)
Building costs BT: 500 kEuros
Const. time: 8 months
Completion: 2007
Client: Private
F-75008 Paris
Location: rue des Iselles, F-78670 Villennes s/Seine
Programme: Renovation, extension of a house
Mission: Design, tender + survey
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