Bellini offices – La Défense (FR)

It is a planning of an office space at La Défense. The organization of the plan remains rational, however a research on materials and forms is put forward. This aspect is especially remarkable in the layout of the sanitary space. There were 3 proposals in the design process:
1. the “Round” Proposal
Is inspired by the various rounded shapes. The mirror, the cylindrical washbasins and the wooden washbasin top were selected according to this criterion. The walls and floor are covered with earthenware and shiny tiles. The doors of the sanitary facilities are veneered with wood laminate.
2. The Mixed Proposal
The concept differentiates wall coverings according to their location. A set of superimposed tiles defines two zones: the area of the washbasins and mirrors and the area of the electrical equipment, such as hand dryers. Lighting fixtures are integrated into the false ceiling and the wall paint is in white.
3. The High-Tech proposal
Thanks to the use of polished stainless steel elements, futuristic lights, minimalist mirrors and a wooden top, a high-tech atmosphere is regained. To reinforce this space, the choice of modern materials was essential.

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Space-planning for an office space – Puteaux 2007

RETHINK, architects
Direct order
Surface: 6000 m²
Construction costs BT: –
Planning time: 4 months
Completion: 2007
Client: DTZ Asset Management
8 rue l’Hôtel de Ville – F-92522 Neuilly Seine
Location: 22 terrasse Bellini – F-92919 La Défense
Program: office
Mission: Space-planning