Competition Tuchkov Buyan park – Saint Petersburg (RU)

Our proposal “Sense of a River” is a cultural park project. It is not only a homage to the culture of Saint Petersburg, it is equally an homage to the river Neva, the silent monument of the city.
It is an oasis to be explored in the contemporary urban context. The connection with the city is reinforced by water, a historical and spiritual element of the site. Educational, artistic and sports activities are offered to the public in this ecological and welcoming park. It is a window toof the city, a place to share, and a comfort necessary for daily life.
Different functions are exploded on the field, supported by small-scale architecture. This decentralized composition enhances the idea of walking. In this vision, the landscape is no longer a frozen image, but a sequence of narrative movements that gives life to our space.

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Creation of an urban park – Saint Petersburg 2020

RETHINK with Praxys (landscape architects), Katarsis (local architects)
Restricted competition
Surface: 16 ha
Construction costs BT: 6500 kEuros
Planning time: 3 month
Completion: 2020
Client: Strelka KB
1 Bersenevsky Lane, RU-119072 Moscow
Location: City center, RU-Saint Petersburg
Program: Creation of an urban park
Mission: Competition
Download the project sheet >Icon pdf