Republic of Tatarstan (RU)

Development strategy for Tatarstan
The Republic of Tatarstan is one of the most developed and industrialized Russia regions with an urban population of 75%. With its soils rich in hydrocarbons, the government wants to prepare the investments of the future and has commissioned a multidisciplinary group, led by the Leontief Centre in St. Petersburg, to study a strategy for the socio-economic development until 2030. Together with the office Labgrad, we worked on the analysis of the existing urban and metropolitan structures, the current projects and dynamics, and the mobility networks. The objective is to study different models for spatial development related to economic strategies.

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Urban Development Strategy to 2030 – Tatarstan 2014

RETHINK, architects with Labgrad, mobility
Collaborators: Aleksey Sevastyanov
Direct offer
Urban study
Surface: 68 000 km²
Planning fees BT: 17 kEuros
Planning time: 6 months
Completion: 2014
Client: Leontief Centre
Krasnoarmeyskaya Str., RU-St. Petersburg
Location: Republic of Tatarstan
Programme: Regional study
Mission: Urban development strategy 2030
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