Geneva – Arve – Salève (CH-FR)

Borders and grids

The study area of the PACA Geneva – Arve – Salève is located between two urban development axis and two major entrances into the franco-valdo-genevoise agglomeration area.

Our project consists of three guidelines which aim to create a balanced territorial development:

  1. Repair the cuts made by the infrastructures
  2. Create interdependencies between town and nature
  3.  Intensify the multifunctionality of the landscape

Development of an cross-border territory – Geneva 2010

Rethink with MTA (representative), landscape architects, ITEM, transport, OGE,  ecology
Surface: Agglomeration
Planning fees BT: 48 k€
Planning time: 11 months
Completion: 2011
Client: Canton de Genève 5 rue David Dufour, CH-1211 Genève
Location: Carouge – Veryier – Etrembières
Programme: Development of a cross border territory
Mission: Cross-border study
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