Reconstruct Goma – Goma (DRC)

Urban and economic development
The city of Goma is the main city of the North-Kivu district and situated on the eastern side of the Democratic Republic of Congo, next to the border of Rwanda. Because of its geographical situation and the political context, the town had no peaceful and gradual development. Decades of armed conflict in the region destroyed urban infrastructure and administrative structures. In addition to this, the volcano Nyiragongo erupted in 2012. This natural disaster destroyed a part of the city. Today, after a couple of relative calm years, the city emerges of a period of emergency assistance and orients itselfs towards stabilization, the consolidation of peace and the development.

Mission subject
Conception of an urban and economic development strategy for the city of Goma;
Presentation of the first steps to local authorities and local players to start the development process of an urban and economic development strategy;
Development of short-, mid- and long-term lines of works following the first steps.

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Towards an inclusive urban development – Goma 2015

RETHINK, leading architects
Call for tender
Urban study
Surface: City
Planning fees BT: 9 kE
Planning time: 4 months
Completion: 2015
Client: UN Habitat
Nairobi, Kenya
Location: Goma
DR Congo
Programme: Rebuilding and urban planning
Mission: Analysis and planning strategy
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