Cité Louis Bertrand – Ivry-sur-Seine (FR)

Integration of a housing estate in its surroundings
The site of the housing estate, Cité Louis Bertrand, is situated in a network of green corridors between the Porte d’Ivry and the Fort d’Ivry. The rehabilitation of the housing estate is the opportunity to reinforce and integrate itself in the local urban fabric and to redefine its external spaces that had been neglected through a careless design.
The parking lots have been grouped together and the circulation have been reduced to the minimum. The exterior areas have been allotted to different zones and functions and a new square at the entrance creates the new connection with its surrounding neighbourhood.

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Design features / Zoom
Rehabilitation of the external spaces
Creating connections between the neighbourhoods
Implication of the habitants in the planning process

External spaces of a housing estate – Ivry-sur-Seine 2004

Rethink with O. Baert, landscape architect (representative)
Call for tender
Study completed
Surface: 1,5 ha
Planning fees BT: 30 kEuros
Planning time: 4 months
Completion: 2004
Client: Town of Ivry-sur-Seine,
Esplanade G. Marrane
F-94205 Ivry sur Seine
Location: Cité Louis Bertrand
F-94000 Ivry-sur-Seine
Programme: External spaces
Mission : Feasibility study
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