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is an urban and architecture design consultancy in Paris, France, bringing together a team with expertise in urban and architectural design. A team that carries a vision and implement projects.

> Architecture (research, studies, projects…)

>Urban planning (design, projects, constructions…)

(on what)
The activities and tasks undertaken by the office are intentionally diverse, but can be divided in two main fields. We mainly work on sustainable transformation of urban fabrics, the development of metropolitan areas and the quality of public spaces, as well as the renovation and restructuring of existing buildings to new uses. This combination of different scales and geographical situations within the office is essential to take a critical look on the contemporary transformation of sites and territories as well as its local and global impacts. We look closely on how our societies occupy and use the surface of our earth in its close environment.

(Where, with whom)
The agency is based in Paris and we are involved in the development of the Great Paris Region. The activity of the agency also focuses on cross-border and cross-cultural regions, such as the regions of Strasbourg and Geneva. The collaboration with professional partners in France and abroad enables to compose teams tailored to the specific project needs. We position ourselves as team acting in a network of complementary partners, open to sharing ideas and experience.

(which countries)
We operate abroad within an exchange network with foreign partners, for urban studies (Switzerland, Russia), urban planning workshops (Benin, Brazil, Vietnam, Russia) or seminars and conferences (Germany, Algeria, Ghana, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Russia). This allows us to consistently enrich our studies and projects with emerging innovative approaches and methods and post them on our blog: http://urbanplanet.info/