Joncs Marins AEV IdF – Brétigny-sur-Orge (FR)

The edge of the metropolis
The regional area of the Joncs Marins stretches on 175 ha in the valley of the Orge and is rich in diverse natural and built forms. Different forms of housing, educational and sports facilities are situated alongside production sites, warehouses and craft workshops. Agricultural fields lay alongside meadows, fields, woods and rivers. But a development without a general scheme, an uncontrolled and rampant urbanization has fragmented the site over the years. Various forms of habitat are scattered over the site. Small apartment buildings in good condition and recent detached houses, aside the development of shacks, but also old houses with very modest aged homeowners.
The exemplary approach of this project lies in the willingness to resolve in priority the settlement of the populations in unstable situations in new and adapted forms of housing on the site of the Joncs Marins.

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Developing an operational plan – Essonne

RETHINK, leading architects, with MTA, landscape architects, OGE, ecology, FORS, sociology, Danielle Lanquetuit, agriculture
Call for tender
Landscape study
Surface: 175 ha
Planning fees BT: 210 kEuros
Planning time: 48 months
Completion: 2015
Client: AEV IdF
99, rue de l’Abbé-Groult, F-75015 Paris
Location: Les Joncs Marins – Essonne (91)
Programme: Housing and open spaces
Mission: Development of an operational planning
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