Mix’Cité – Vétraz-Monthoux (FR)

Three views on a neighbourhood
The project builds on the local characteristics of a site in a great landscape to propose an urban fabric, which is capable to respond to the main challenges of the site: offering new diversified housing, building a city of proximity, giving access to services, shops, public transport and alternative transport modes, enhancing the biodiversity… The project aims to provide a densification of the site by the factor 4 (multiplying by four the number of housing on the sector), to diversify the functions of the area and to strengthen its different identities while not denying the existing urban fabric, the local population and the geographic of the site. The proposed densification is linked with the creation of high quality public spaces, connected to their urban environment and valorising the biodiversity. The project is detailed and drawn in the form of three urban organizations (urban entertainment, contemplation and intimacy) to respond to the people’s expectations on housing.

Densification of a residential area – Vétraz-Monthoux 2013

RETHINK with AUAD, architects-urban planners
Collaborator: Sandrine Le Doare
Urban and architectural study
Surface: 3,5 ha
Planning fees BT: –
Planning time: 3 months
Completion: 2013
Client: CAUE 74
7 espl. Paul Grimault, F- 74008 Annecy
Location: F-74100 Vétraz-Monthoux
Programme: Urban renewal
Mission: Densification of a residential area
Download the sheet of the projet (in French) >