Co-construction of a neighborhood – Choisy-le-Roi (FR)

The urban manufacture
The Lugo district, where the Hollander Factory is located, is entering a phase of urban transformation. The occupants of the creative factory invite visitors from the open doors to build a piece of city. The urban manufacture revolves around a scale model of 4x5m at the scale of 1 / 100th. The urban manufacture will constitute a creative environment, which places the creation, the ‘doing’ at the heart of the dialogue.
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Participatory model – Choisy-le-Roi

RETHINK, architects, with the Usine Hollander Association
Initiative co-construction
Surface: neighbourhood
Planning fees BT: –
Planning time: 1 month
Completion: 2017
Client: Usine Hollander
Location: Quartier du Lugo, F-94600 Choisy-le-Roi
Programme: Citizen participatory device
Mission: Design and animation
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