Plain of Pierrelaye – Val d’Oise (FR)

A new landscape for the plain of Pierrelaye
The forest is both, the operational point of departure and the central argument of the proposed development of the plain in its dimensions of program and use. The plain is a disregard and abandoned space. 2017 will be the year of the end of the irrigated crops and the removal of agricultural activity. In this crisis, the planting of a forest of 1000 ha is a response to the empty space and the lack of functions that characterize the plain today.
However, the project of the forest alone is not enough to create the conditions for the regeneration and a positive appropriation of the plain.
The network and connections are a second tool to restore the plain:
– by allowing and facilitating the access to the site;
– by the synergy of existing and future facilities, local and metropolitan interest, present today or that the plain will accommodate in the future;

Operational principles for planning – Val d’Oise 2013

RETHINK with MTA, landscape architects, Act Urba, economy, OGE, ecology, REP, sociology
Call for tender
Territorial study
Surface: 2000 ha
Planning fees BT: 150 kEuros
Planning time: 24 months
Completion: 2014
Client: DDT Val d’Oise
5 av. Bernard Hirsch, F-95010 Cergy-Pontoise
Location: Plain of Pierrelaye-Bessancourt
Programme: Territorial development
Mission: Definition of operational principles
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