Temporary installation – Saint Petersburg (RU)

The Christmas period is a time to stop and share and renewal. We imagined the Christmas tree a luminous, unifying ride, open to the world and participatory. A symbol for the coming year. The installation that we propose on the forecourt creates a space of wandering and exchange made of light, a forest under a starry night sky. A dreamlike forest settles in the heart of Saint Petersburg, above a starry mist, a tablecloth luminous, floats and envelops the square. The lights are stars that guide us through the night and we are reminds us of Christmas tales.

Into de the starry night, Manege – Saint Petersburg

RETHINK with Praxys, leading architects
Direct order
In progress
Building costs BT: (N.C)
Construction : (1 month)
Completion : (2020)
Client: Institut Français
12 avenue perspective Nevsky, Saint-Petersburg
Location: 1 Saint-Isaac square
Programme: Temporary installation for Christmas
Mission: Feasibility study