Renovation 38 flats rue d’Alleray – Paris (FR)

Rehabilitation of two buildings of the 1980s

The project concern the thermal rehabilitation of two social housing buildings located in the 15th arrondissement. of Paris. They are surrounded by a dense Parisian urban fabric with twentieth century buildings, modern apartment buildings and some contemporary buildings.

The 23 rue d’Alleray was built on a former narrow and linear parcel. The adjacent hamlet of Alleray and the impasse Hersent represents the old parcel structure of town houses, accessible by dead ends.

We wish to give a “villa” spirit to the rehabilitation of number 23. This is based on the desire to restore a more harmonious dialogue with the hamlet of Alleray located opposite.

Labels, certifications:

Climate Plan of the City of Paris

NF HABITAT certification

Label High Energy Performance renovation

23 rue d’Alleray – Paris

RETHINK with A. Andréassian, architect, et Technibat, engineering
Surface: 38 flats
Planning fees BT: 1 300 k€
Planning time: 18 months
Completion: 2021
Client: Toit et Joie, 82 rue Blomet, F-75015 Paris
Location: 23 rue d’Alleray, 75015 Paris
Programme: Rehabilitation of a public housing estate
Mission: Conception, planning, construction
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