Renovation 63 apartments Rue des Carmes – Paris (FR)

The real estate group Carmes-Polytechnique
The real estate group is one of the rare operations of HBMO built in the center of Paris (1926 – 1939). It is composed of one of the buildings of the college of Lombards (17th century) to which the new part of the real estate group will come to join. Today, buildings need a comprehensive rehabilitation: outdoor spaces, traffic, the creation of common premises, wet rooms and energy efficiency. With a combination of interventions we propose to better inscribe this ensemble in its urban environment, to reorient the 17th century part towards the course of the church, to re-vegetate the plots and to make the roof accessible. But the focus of the works in occupied site is the respect of the Climate Plan of Paris and the rehabilitation of the common and privative parts.

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Rehabilitation of 63 flats – Paris

RETHINK, architects, with Atelier de la Seine, architects, Bet Pouget, engineers, Le Frêne, sociology
Call for tender
ongoing / phase PRO
Surface: 63 flats
Building costs BT : 3600 kE
Construction: 20 months
Completion: 2022
Client: Paris Habitat
21 bis rue Claude Bernard, F-75005 Pairs
Location: Rue des Carmes, 75005 Paris
Programme: Rehabilitation of a public housing estate
Mission: Conception, planning, construction
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