Litzelstetten neighbourhood – Constance (DE)

A new neighborhood on the edge of the city
The leading principle for the conception of the new area is the combination of a built-up density, a high habitability quality and a high variety of housing for different populations and generations.
The landscaping is adapted to the topography. The offset arrangement of the buildings create a set of built-up and open spaces, offering a varied picture and preserve a beneficial permeability to housing and open spaces sunlight. As well, it offers views from accommodations on immediate environment and unique surroundings landscape. Each of the four proposed typologies deal with the theme of the integration in the slope to its way and generate different housing typologies.

Construction of 80 flats – Constance 2017

RETHINK with Gies Architects (representative), Philip Denkinger (landscape architect)
Surface: 1,5 ha
Building costs BT: –
Construction time:
Completion: 2017 (Competition)
Client: City of Constance
Untere Laube 24 D-78462 Konstanz
Location: Constance – Litzelstetten
Program: Construction of 80 flats
Mission: Competitiony
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